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Our CTO was formerly the Principal Researcher of Sharp's European Research lab. He developed disruptive technology for Sharp, Jaguar Land Rover and Nintendo and has a >$200 million per annum patent portfolio.

"We can turn great ideas into reality".


We employ the highest calibre co-workers with backgrounds in software engineering, image processing, and hardware development.

"Getting it right first time saves you time and money".

Our 100% project success rate:
Within this there have been some truly ground breaking, unpredicted developments that have significantly added value to companies.
Consultation is free:
We don’t charge until we are sure we have the right skill set for you.
Competitive pricing:
Our carefully recruited off shore development can be used to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.
  • computer vision project examples
    A biometrics start-up needed a way of distinguishing a real face from a photo of a face. Tupel went on to design a more secure biometric system based on all 4 fingerprints. This disruptive technology has comparable performance to a $2000 fingerprint scanner, but uses only a standard smartphone camera and flash. It enables users to proof their identity to banks and businesses online.
  • computer vision project examples
    A diamond trading company needed a way for customers to scan security features in packaging. Tupel created a smartphone app with real time object recognition, and tamper detection. These computer vision algorithms were carefully crafted using a combination of off the shelf and custom written algorithms. These algorithms can provide >99% verification certainty.
  • Hardware project examples
    We created a 360' product photography system for a product catalogue project. It features automatic video processing and background removal so that 30 products can be captured per hour with minimal training.
  • Hardware project examples
    Some catalogue items needed 360° x 180°photography. Our robotic set-up could manoeuvre a smartphone to any position around an object to collect images from any angle. The smartphone controlled all this via Bluetooth so the process was entirely automatic. The system was both more cost effective and higher throughput than the conventional DSLR solutions.
Dr. J F Mather MPhys PHD FInstP
Dr. Mather has more than 15 years experience in research and technology management. He is formerly the principal researcher of Sharp Corporation’s European lab. At the age of 25 he pioneered the world’s first dual-view display now used by Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover, earning him Sharp’s “Researcher of the Year” award. He was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in 2014 for his outstanding contribution to the profession. "Dr. Mather has a pleasant and engaging personality. Is enthusiastic about technology and raises the spirits of any team he works in", Dr. Allan Evans CPhys, Research Manager Sharp Labs, 2011.
Eur Ing N J Phillips MBA CEng MEng MIET
Nick has over 15 years of management experience, specialising in manufacturing excellence.This includes the transformation of a Chinese green-field site into a $25M business in less than 2 years.With a Master of Engineering Degree in Cybernetics from Reading University and a scholarship MBA from the world-renowned Cranfield School of Management, Nick can ensure that our production line technology will improve your bottom line.
If you get a kick out of technology, and you want to work on innovative projects, please send you CV to careers@tupel.co.uk

We currently have a vacancy for a short term computer vision project that would be ideal for a PhD candidate or exceptional student. Remote working is an option, and salaries are competitive.
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